A Trip to Gosaikunda



Who would say no a trip to escape daily hectic days? Being a bachelor student board exams come twice a year. (Woo woo slow clap 😛 ). So a trip was overdue. The most difficult problem is not the trip but the place where to go. As we are cousins of 9 we needed no parent on any tour. The bachha gang is enough. After negotiating for almost 6 months with the family they agreed to let us go to gosaikunda. The selling point of this trip was off because it was a religious place. If any trip is closely related to religion parents approvement increase by 75%. The date & location chosen and the bachha party of 7 cousins is on its way to get away.


Like any trek to start we made plans to start tomorrow as early as possible but as typical Nepali family, a day can’t start without lateness. Ate breakfast got us a potter and started our trekking journey. The starting phase was super easy then the incline starts. The way to Deurali was a rough path but as we reached there, cold wind started to blow. The weather changed to foggy which was super chilling.


After lunch the route became slightly uphill through beautiful rhododendron, bamboo and pine trees which took the pain of walking away. We reached singompa at noon and called it a day.

Next day begins with early start. We left Singompa and headed to reach Gosaikunda that day. We thought the road was like yesterday. But life is full of surprises. The way to Lauribinayak was one hell of hill climbing!! No easy roads the only was is straight up. After climbing and climbing we reached a small Buddha stupa. The hardest part was finished then we walked along a small walking trail until we reached Gosaikunda. What a view!!!! All the pain was washed away in the Gosaikunda lake.

In the following morning I captured some video then, we went back to Dhunche in that day descending was a lot easier for us. In the middle of the Langtang National Park we saw many monkeys shouting and fighting. At that time our potter shouted at them and he typically FLEE from there. We all were like whatttt (seeing each other faces). Reached Dhunche at around 6pm then left to Bhaktapur. We reached home at around 12-1 am feeling tired but experiencing moments that will stay for the rest of our lives.

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