Trekking in the remote hills

Murma Top

“Trekking in the remote hills are unpredictable hence you must get prepared to face everything. This statement of mine should not discourage you from travelling as they make the best story to tell others. Get ready to read mine experience. The 14 kilogram of bags on my shoulder was exerting additional pressure on my tiring legs from long days walk on the steep hills. This state of mine was to continue for next 8 hours. The walk would be of more ease if there were no snow. We had come to play with the snow but now this made the situation go from pancake to fire. My body needed to go under metabolism to produce energy so that I could continue my journey hence I galloped some cheese and drank some coffee to prevent myself from dehydration. I pushed myself for 9 hours that also in the darkness. Frustration was all over me and wished that I had never come for this trek. My madness did not end her instead multiplied by infinite number when there was no proper bedding to sleep and had to sleep on the floor. Imagine yourself here. With every sunrise there always a new beginning so did the trek. Yesterday made a great story to tell people and I continued my trek and completed it.”  – Dipal Malla

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