Every mile a Memory

“It was about a month ago.

We planned to go to Kathmandu all the way from Chitwan sauraha chowk through the bypass road (Heatuda-Kathmandu) and we got 3 bikes and we were 6.

By 8:00 am we started our journey and by 9:00 am we reached to Hetauda. After a ride of 3 hours(Not sure) we reached to kulekhani and we planned to go through kulekhani dam and we went too.

We had some snacks over there and made a plan to go through Chitlang-Chandragiri-Kalanki. We all were unknown to the way as no one among us had gone through that way. And after 30mins of having a snack, we again started our journey. After a ride of 2 hours, we reached to Chitlang and we saw nice scene and we keep on going. At the meantime, we came to know that the way from Chitlang-Chandragiri was closed as the road was under construction. We had No choice there as we neither go back nor can stay there. So we asked the local people to get in the way and finally, they showed us the way which was through the hills. It was just 7km. Firstly we were excited that it was just 7km away so we can reach Kathmandu by the evening. As we started our ride, the road was muddy and due to rain it was damaged too. 



We went through that way crossing different difficulties and we were just 1/4 distance away from our destination so after long ride we planned to stay somewhere. And we were  searching for the place too. We found a place it was so nice we were excited to get there as we went there and we stayed there for a hour and by the end of hour we came to know that it was graveyard of Mongolian people, we were shocked so we planned to get out from there and again we started our ride.

After 3hrs including our rest time we finally completed our 7km ride. And we went through the way and finally we reached to the opposite side of Chandragiri. And we stayed there for half hours. And it was 7:00 pm.

Again we planned to move on and we went through the Chandragiri hills and as we were moving there came so dirty smell of dead earthworms on the way it was so difficult to breathe. The way was full of dead earthworms and all muddy way, it was a disgusting way. Finally by the 8:00 pm we reached to Kalanki and washed our bikes. After washing bikes for 3 times the bad smell was finally gone from the tyres of bike. 

It was a ride of 12 hours to reach kathmandu all the way from Chitwan.  ” – ( Sulav KC, 3 )

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