The Odyssey: Tilicho

” Being at the highest lake of the world- Tilicho lake situated at an altitude of 4919m was a dream. I recently visited this place and it was such a precious moment to be standing beside that calm and blue lake surrounded by mesmerizing snow peaks. Trust me it is a must visit. But to tell you the truth, I had the hardest time to climb up that steep hill from Tilicho base camp to Tilicho lake. I was literally stopping by to take rest after every two steps. It was one of the most difficult trekking route as per my personal experience. There was a point when I felt like walking back to TBC cause I had no strength left in my body to continue further. But somehow, with my teammates’ motivation and that hunger of seeing Tilicho I managed to walk across that landslide area and then that steep hill, and when I got a glimpse of the majestic lake, can’t describe…. In simple words, all that pain and tiredness seemed to disappear as I sat down to enjoy the view of Tilicho peak and its reflection in the lake. As the saying goes, hardwork pays, and it indeed did. 

P.S: The best moment was to wave the National flag, the most unique flag of the world in the highest lake of the world and hum the song, “मेरो चन्द्र सुर्य फर्फराउछ, लहराउछ….!!  ” –  (Shraddha Mainali , 4)

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  1. Good to know,You are finally in Tilicho…I recently got a chance to go Annapurana Base camp…To be honest,now i am realizing how could I get so much power to climb that stairs…anyways my next target would be a tilicho lake…

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