Hitting the trail to poon hill

poon hill

Trekking to Poon Hill was my best experience in my life. Sharing my experience I assure everyone that once in a lifetime we all should go and visit such a beautiful place. I always knew that my country is very beautiful and rich in natural resources but trekking to Poon Hill made me realize that Nepal is truly HEAVEN. Heaven is a myth but Poon Hill is real. The view you get to see from the top of the hill and the sound of that cold breeze and of course the beautiful sunrise, that was the best thing ever happened in my life.  Climbing such a tall hill was very frustrating at first because trust me I couldn’t even walk for like 10 minutes but after reaching the top of the hill that calmness you get, I can’t even explain in words. All those long walks and swollen legs, it is totally worth it. This is how I felt after I saw the view from the hill. Poonhill is the best trek I ever had and yes I am going back there someday again for sure in the future.

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