Bungy Experience


A Leap of Faith

3…2..1 Bungyyy! If you have been to The Last Resort for bungy, these are exactly the words you will hear before you achieve one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. So far my love for adventure sports is in increasing trend. In past two years, I have been involved with rafting and paragliding.  Bungy was just the third adventure that I was going to do. And without any doubt, it was the best experience among the three.

October 10, 2017

I always had it in my bucket list to do bungy jumping at least once in my life. As a kid, I remember seeing a show in a Nepali channel where they were documenting about The Last Resort. I remember watching it in amusement. I wanted to do it the moment I saw it. But not actually. I just wanted to boast it to my friends that I would do a bungy jump when I am of age, hoping that they would think I am brave. That’s what kids do. Boast about things. I’m exactly thinking about that part of my childhood before I make the final purchase of the bungy jumping package. A little part of me is excited about the jump but most of me is getting anxious. The next day is my jump and I can’t help but think of it every time. My stomach does not feel right and I am losing my appetite. I cannot even sleep.

October 11, 2017

I wake up, get ready for the trip and leave my house. It’s unusual of me to reach the Last Resort office on time as I am late for everything most of the times. This might be because of the fact that I was not in my right mind since yesterday. At 8 am, the bus leaves for The Last Resort. I avoid eating anything during the ride mostly because my appetite was not feeling right. I also wanted to avoid puking at any cost when I did the jump. It makes me laugh when I think about it right now. The road trip is amazing apart from the rough road. Numerous bright and white waterfalls, the Dolalghat river and the mighty Bhoteykoshi, they calm me down to some extent. After four long hours, I reach my destination. I climb down the bus, elevate towards the bridge. The first sign on the bridge reads:

 STOP. Jump going on.

Now I feel the adrenaline rush. I am less anxious then I am supposed to be. I actually expected the bridge to be much higher in my anxious thoughts. But no. It makes me calm and focused. In a group we are briefed by the expert and then we start taking the weights. Mine read approximately 54.7 kilos. For some reasons he added 3 extra kgs and wrote 57.7 in my right hand. After everyone’s done taking their weights, they tell me that I belong to the first group and we’re going to proceed to the bridge in five minutes. In the bridge, they make me ready with all the equipments and I sit for my turn. A gopro is attached in my wrist. The camera man comes and asks me where I was and how I was feeling. For a second I’m blank and talk senseless stuffs. That might be the most stupid interview in my whole life. The jumper before me completes his jump and with a big smile and joy he tells me he feels a lot better. It’s my turn now. The camera man advices me to push forward when I jump. I slowly move towards the edge. I look down. It feels numb and my heart starts pounding. The instructor is talking to me but I can’t focus on his words. My heart feels heavy too.  After a while a voice behind me says ” 3…2..1 bungyyy”. I take the jump and push forward like the camera man told me to. In that 3 second free fall I already decided that those were the best words I ever heard. Swosssssssh! That’s the sound you hear after you jump. First bounce, second bounce, third bounce. After I complete my third bounce, they scream PULL! PULL!! I was supposed to pull a small rope attached at my feet that would reverse my upside down position. I can’t do it at my first try but at the second my body position changes. They send me a harness hook which I attach it to my harness and they pull me up. The first thought on my mind: Why was I so afraid ? I enjoy the Bhoteykoshi during the time they pulled me up. I reflect on my achievement. I did it! “Tomorrow, I am going to walk with my head held high.” That’s exactly what I was thinking. They pull me back to the bridge. I can’t control my excitement. Like the guy before me, I am there with a big smile too.

An adventure of lifetime.

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