About Us

Bucketlist Nepal is entrepreneurial initiation by the group of young enthusiast to motivate people to explore and travel to new destinations during their young age. The team with full of traveler, guides you to destination of your choice in very economic price. We are not Travel Company with guides but we are company of travelers that will guide you in your travelling journey. We encourage youths from different sector to explore hills, terai and mountains of the country where they can and rejuvenate themselves in the nature. Travelling to nooks and corners is must for the citizens of the country which has been enlisted in Forbes and BBC’s must place to visit and we serve as a mediator to those traveler interested to explore the Himalayan Kingdom. We cannot just be proud calling ourselves the descendants of Buddha, inhabitants of Mt. Everest and owner of many UNESCO’s world heritage when we have not been physically present there. Come on! Gear Up, pack your bag and explore Nepal whenever possible. BucketList Nepal will readily provide you with itinerary, cost details and all the information required. If confused then the BucketList travelers will accompany. Let us empty our list with BucketList.