Annapurna Base Camp; A trek meditation

When it comes to travelling it’s not only the gene I carry but it’s something my whole family is fond of. Well like every holiday season, last year when we had some time during Dashain, I along with my dad and my brother we planned to trek to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). ABC had been my bucket list since a very longtime and finally it was last year I lived through it. It was not just a trek for a lifetime but since I am back now I wish to visit it anytime I can.

Trek to ABC was not as same as the old travels I had. Travelling by roads and any other means might definitely be easy and comfortable but when you trek you actually feel what’s happening. Recalling back to that time brings so much of happiness even though it was not an easy trail to reach. We trekked for like 8-9 hours for 3 long days and it was then when it finally paid off. I am not such a lousy person when it comes to walking but walking those steep hills, ups and downs and every scary landslide paths was actually a challenge. Nevertheless, it was not depressing as the beauty I had before my eyes was worth the hardship I was having. Everyday had its own excitement the struggle to climb every uphill, and happiness to go downhill but with thought of climbing back the same downhill when you have to return back the next day summed all the adventure. Before this trip suspension bridge was my scare list but every trail here had bridges that barely lacked any support. During the early days it took all my breath but by the end of the trek I was happy I made it all. Now that I have made through, I now compare this trip with my life. At some point in the trip I lacked hope, I had a lot of breathing problems and maybe I would have given up. But I struggled, I was determined that it will end and by the time I reach it would be all I dreamt of and it was actually beyond it. Likewise, life brings so much of hardships, struggles along with happiness. All you have to do is be strong and determine yourself to fight back and it actually pays it off. It was not just an adventure, a bucket list but now it is life lesson.

The best part out of all was definitely the view. Every point you reached had its own angle of beauty. And of course the actual point of the base camp was beyond the beauty any lens can capture then our own eyes. The first glimpse of sunrise that shined the mountains and that 360 degree Mountain View was everything you can wish for if you are an actual mountain lover. The view at midnight was something I can never erase. That clear sky, snow white silver mountains, full moon and stars twinkling so near, all that I had seen in pictures of wallpapers were right in front of my eyes. More than the view, the people I met are the best thing I could have ever met. With such a chaotic society we live where we even have no time to greet our own parents, people from all over the world were all in the same trail with so less grief and so much love. Every person you meet did not miss a chance to greet you and share a conversation. Everyone would be supporting you to reach that destination and when you share that happiness it brings that internal peace I wished for a very long time. It was not an exotic beach or anything fancy to relax but it was that meditation of hardship that gave me internal peace.

As I  look back, I am so glad about all the moment I lived through it. It was only 5 days trek but it is so far the best trip of my entire life. The view, the struggle, the people I met and all the stories we shared are just a memory now and I only have pictures to show but I am happy, I now have so many stories with adventures to tell and it’s a part of which I am sharing.  

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